Sex matters.

Your pleasure matters.

Let's work together to support your journey toward greater intimacy, easeful relationships, and fulfilling sex.

We all want to be able to accept and express our authentic sexual selves. We all need pleasure and intimacy to connect us more deeply to ourselves and our partners. But the truth is everyone gets stuck sometimes.

I am sex counselor and medical provider trained to help you figure out how to overcome shame, lack of desire, difficulty communicating in relationships and around life changes, pain with sex, and other challenges. Book a free consult with me to start discovering your authentic sexual self.

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How to change your mind about sex

It's time to change your mind about sex.

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Here's What My Clients Have to Say

"I have a better sense of what’s going on during my periods (and genuinely wish I knew all this information much earlier in my life!) I’m finding ways to work on stress and anxiety, and also getting support dealing with a chronic pain condition. Working with Lori has felt like a “safe space” to explore my pain and try to find alternative ways to manage it." - Client

"I have recommended you to multiple friends. So many women suffer unnecessarily because they have no one to talk to — you need a billboard!" - Client

"Thank you! I can’t explain how great it feels to have someone work with me and genuinely seem to care and feel you have my best interests at heart. It’s been life changing to have someone as part of my health care team who is so wonderful. When I was recommended to see you, I was told you were a “magical hormone understanding unicorn,” and I feel like that description fits perfectly!" - Client

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