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Lori Davis DNP
Lori Davis DNP
Lori Davis DNP
Lori Davis DNP





My approach is holistic and personalized to each client.  My intention is to offer expertise and companionship in your journey towards manifesting your full vitality. 

My expertise draws on the traditions of western allopathic medicine, herbalism, mindfulness, counseling, and education.  I believe in offering an evidence-based approach but believe that knowledge and wisdom can come from trusting your lived experience as well as scientific methodology. 

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I start by taking the time to listen to you; for some this might be the first time your story has been spoken. Once you and I are clear about your concern, I consider how the physical body may be supported to optimal functioning. As a nurse practitioner, I understand how to evaluate how medical conditions, medications and health problems can contribute to sexual difficulties and how to work with this.  When appropriate, I am happy to prescribe medications, but understand their limitations as well.  I understand how all aspects of health interrelate – how sleep, stress, nutrient deficiencies, and hormonal imbalances all combine to either support healing or dysfunction and dissatisfaction.

My intention is to show up for you right where you need me to be.  Some people need quick, focused solutions; others are open to exploration.

My goal is to help you create resonance.  Resonance refers to a state in which you are functioning with flow and ease, in alignment internally and externally. Such resonant alignment suggests more than balance, but a state in which each aspect of our lives harmonize and gain strength from each other.  Resonance is the heart of pleasure.

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My Training

About Me

I have been a nurse practitioner for over 10 years and am board certified as in Acute Care and Family medicine.  I completed my Doctorate in Nursing Practice at Binghamton University with a specialization in sexuality and hormonal health.  My doctoral research focused on helping women find support for sexual concerns after cancer. 


I am also a Certified Sex Counselor, recognized by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists. 


I have completed additional training through the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH), The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), Herman & Wallace, and the North American Menopause Society (NAMS). I am recognized by NAMS as a Certified Menopause Provider. 

In addition to my medical and counseling training, I have studied meditation and yoga for over 20 years.  I believe that mindfulness is a fundamental skill that is essential to overcoming and living with the inevitable adversities of life.  In addition to working with clients in techniques of mindfulness, I am also a certified HeartMath provider and can utilize biofeedback about heart rate variability to decrease stress and to support heart centered awareness, lovingkindness, and overall health.

I am committed to continued learning and advancing the field of sexuality and hormonal health and am an active member of the following organizations:

  • American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors & Therapists (AASECT)

  • International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health (ISSWSH)

  • North American Menopause Society (NAMS)

  • International Society of Sexual Medicine (ISSM)

  • Scientific Network on Female Sexual Health and Cancer (cancersexnetwork.org)

  •  World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH)

  • International Pelvic Pain Society (IPPS).

Lori Davis DNP
Lori Davis DNP
Lori Davis DNP
Lori Davis DNP
Lori Davis DNP
Lori Davis DNP
Lori Davis DNP

Doctorate in Clinical Nursing Practice

Over 10 years experience as a Nurse Practitioner

Specialization in sexuality and hormonal health

Advanced training in Functional Medicine

NAMS certified menopause provider

Extensive sex counseling training

HeartMath certified

Medical Marijuana Prescriber


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Lori Davis DNP

Feminist, Trauma-Informed Patient Exam

For many people, the physical  exam is a source of dread and can lead to long-lasting traumatic memories.  You deserve better.  I believe that we can change this in simple ways - by slowing down and letting the client's experience be the guide.

I respect that the physical exam is a time of special vulnerability and make every effort to ensure your comfort.  My goal is to approach any needed medical exam with a trauma-informed perspective by focusing on your sense of safety and autonomy.   You are in charge of the exam and are encouraged to request modifications or completely stop the exam at any time.  

For people with vaginas, the typical exam has usually required placing your feet in stirrups and assuming a position that can feel especially triggering, vulnerable, and restrictive.  At my clinic, I take a different approach to the vulvovaginal exam, using a comfortable and spacious massage table with bolsters as needed to facilitate your comfort.


Payment Information

Insurance companies do not offer adequate support for sexual health and I am not able to participate with insurance panels at this time.   

My standard fees are $300 for an initial intake and $150 for follow up appointments.   For more information about what is covered in an initial intake or how many appointments may be right for you, please schedule a free 10 minute consult. 


I know that financial hardship can make it difficult to afford medical or counseling services that are not covered by insurance.  In an effort to make my services more affordable, I offer a sliding scale which we can review before your first appointment.  Please feel free to contact me for more information.

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Free 10 min Consultation

Interested in working with me but wanna be sure we are a good fit?


I am happy to offer a free initial 10 minute consultation via telehealth to learn more about how we might work together.