Do you wonder if your chronic pain and other symptoms could be related to endometriosis?

Have you been told that you have endometriosis but:

  • you can't tolerate the pill or other hormonal treatments?

  • you don't want to use hormonal treatments?

  • you wonder if there are other options that can help?

Are you thinking of having surgery and wonder how you can maximize your recovery?


The Background

In endometriosis, cells that are similar to ones that line the uterus occur outside the uterus.  Like the uterine lining, these cells respond to the hormonal changes of the menstrual cycle - causing bleeding and inflammation wherever the cells are found.  These tissues can also grow over time, compressing and distorting nearby organs.   


However, the amount of endometrial tissue found outside the uterus does not predict the amount of pain a person will experience - some women with significant endometriosis have no pain, others with small amounts of abnormal tissue have profound symptoms. The reasons for this are not fully understood.

One in 10 women are estimated to have endometriosis.

Some women will experience intense chronic pain with their periods, infertility, bowel problems, pain with sex and other symptoms.  Others will have mild, intermittent pain or no symptoms at all.

Endometriosis is a not just about periods, it is a systemic and complex disease that can cause chronic problems for multiple organ systems and has multiple related causes.

Though there is much that is not known about endometriosis, we do understand that many factors can reduce or exacerbate symptoms including diet, sleep, stress, and musculoskeletal tension in the pelvic floor


Treatment Approach

Endometriosis typically requires a multimodal, integrated treatment approach.  In other words, you will need a team to support you to better health.  Members of this team can include a pelvic floor physical therapist, primary care doctor, gynecologist, functional medicine or holistic provider, nutritionist, counselor and experienced surgeon.

As a nurse practitioner, I offer holistic personalized care grounded in the principles of Functional Medicine.   My goal is to meet you where you take the time to understand your story & your goals...and to help you feel better day by day.  


If you have a treatment team already, I am happy to coordinate and communicate with your team to facilitate your best possible outcomes.  If you do not have a team, I can help you assemble one that it right for your needs.